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Evidently, many features that make Switzerland such a beautiful country is it’s clean and tidy towns and cities, many of which are natually situated by the lakes, such as Zurich, Lucerne, Lugano and  Geneva.

However, what really makes the Swiss beauty complete, is its mountains, many of them are not only impressive and magnificient but wonderful indeed; hence it can be correctly said that  « if you visit Switzerland, and you have not visited any of the mountains, you have not really seen Switzerland ».

If you are in such a situation, obviously a huge yeaning to really see Swiss still exists. We will render the service of helping you to fill this yeaning, by taking you to the various base towns of notable mountain destinations in the country, where you are lifted up by the reliable and  smooth- running cable cars to the summit of the mountains where you enjoy spectacular sceneries and breath-taking views and experiencies.

Our trip are partially guided , and this allows you ample time to feed your eyes along the way or take the snaps and videos of desired sceneries.

As a small touring firm at this level, we are only able to conduct tours of individuals, families and small groups.

In rendering you our service, while we pledge to convey you safely to and from these mountain destinations, we plead for your cooperation in observing all the safety guides, warnings and restrictions; and at the same time we will accord you our deepest respect and dignity.

Thank you very much for your patronage.

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